Our Technology

At Beeman Automotive, we value up-to-date technology and take pleasure in providing you with current services and techniques. We offer the highest quality repairs by doing the following:

We utilize a heated paint booth that provides a flawless paint coverage every single time.

With our vast knowledge and our computerized color match system, we are able to identify your vehicle’s paint color.

We believe in using a high quality paint to guarantee your vehicle looks great and the paint will last.

Beeman Automotive will provide you with high quality auto body repair and collision repair services each and every time because of our skilled auto body technicians and state-of-the-art facility.

Beeman Automotive is Green

At Beeman Automotive, we are proud to say that we have been using technologies and products that help us to reduce any negative impact on the environment for many years. We are virtually paperless because of our computerized repair tracking system. In 2008, we started using eco-friendly, waterborne paint products that greatly reduce harmful chemicals.

According to studies by PPG paints, we save approximately 300 pounds of VOC annually by using waterborne paint, and we are able to eliminate the emissions of more than 1,000 cars per year.