Request Express Estimating Service

Beeman Automotive is proud to announce our new Express Estimating Service for our valued customers.

We understand you are busy and your time is very valuable so we’ve came up with a solution for people who want us to repair their vehicles.

All we need is a few minutes of your time to get the photos insurance companies require, go over the repair in terms you understand and get you scheduled to turn an unfortunate situation into a pleasant one.

Call 402-423-4922 today to schedule your Express Estimate!

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Our online estimate assists consumers, making it easier to make informed decisions based on the severity and estimated cost of auto body repairs. The online estimate is calculated from the images you provide and we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy until the vehicle has been inspected. A comprehensive estimate will be provided once the vehicle has been properly disassembled and thoroughly checked. The parts costs, coupled with an insurance auditing process, will determine final cost of repairs. This service is free to consumers.